Padmall Wood - Notice Board Installed

On Friday morning, 30th November 2018, the Friends of Keston Common were joined by members of idverde to install a new Notice Board in the Timber Yard area of Padmall Wood. Our thanks go to idverde for building the board on our behalf and supporting the Friends in this venture. We hope visitors to the Wood will find it a useful addition and benefit from a better understanding of the work and events taking place across the whole of Keston Common.

Green Flag Raised

On Friday morning, 20th October 2017, the Friends of Keston Common were joined by members of idverde to raise our Green Flag in recognition of Keston Common's newly recognised status.

Diamond Jubilee Tree Planted

On Friday morning, 28th November 2014, the Friends of Keston Common were joined by pupils of Keston Primary School to plant a beech tree to celebrate the diamond jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The event also marked the culmination of our Heritage Lottery project and was celebrated by a toast with Friends and invited guests.

Victorian Gate Restored

On Friday morning, 3rd October 2014, the Friends of Keston Common erected the old Victorian Gate that was used daily until the 1960's to control the movement of cattle across the meadows. The gate had been recently restored by our local blacksmith and has been returned to the meadow where it once operated. It has been erected in a fixed inoperable position as a memorial of times past. This restoration work has been supported by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Summer Clean for Caesar's Well

On Friday morning, 5th September 2014, the Friends of Keston Common gave Caesar's Well a wash and clean, along with a general tidy-up of the surrounding vegetation. The results are as seen below:

Interpretation Boards Erected

The four interpretation boards, sponsored by the Heritage Lottery Fund, have been erected. The first two on Friday 11th July 2014, whilst the latter two on Friday 22nd August 2014.

The first board was placed adjacent to Pond 4 and details the history of Ravensbourne Open Space, which includes Ravensbourne House and the surrounding Victorian Gardens and Meadows.

The second board was placed at the Timber Yard in Padmall Wood. This board details the history of Padmall Wood and explains the ancient system of coppicing and woodland management.

The third board was placed in Westerham Road car-park. This board details the landscape history of Keston Common. In particular it describes the Iron Age Bank and Ditch, Caesar's Well, Keston's Gravel Pits, and Keston's connection with messers William Pitt, William Wilberforce and Charles Darwin.

The fourth board was placed in Heathfield Road car-park. This board details the historic buildings of Keston. In particular it describes the Old National School, the Village Hall, the Mill House, Leafy Grove House, Botany Bay, the War Memorial and of course the Keston Windmill dating back to 1716.

Heritage Lottery Fund Project Underway

The restoration of the old iron gate is underway. This gate was used to control the movement of cows from the Ravensbourne Meadows to the dairy at Ravensbourne House. It was in use until the 1960's, since when it has fallen into dis-repair. The gate has now been removed and taken to the welders where it will be cleaned, straightened and re-painted. It will then be firmly attached to two upright posts and re-sited in its original position. It will no longer act as a gate but remain a permanent reminder of the history of the meadows.

Further pictures of Keston Common can be found on the 'Gallery' page.